Meloncholy Eternity (emerlyn) wrote in ucfteaching,
Meloncholy Eternity

Education major volunteer/learning opportunity!

ducation major volunteer/learning opportunity!
Hi all!

I was wondering if there were any good hearted education majors out there who'd like to earn some volunteer hours, or get some experience?

I need help making worksheets and lesson planning. I'd give you all the curriculum, and you'd just have to type it up in a worksheet form. I'm starting my 4th graders on a new learning path, and am having a hard time keeping up with the preparation. It would be wonderful for an education major to get experience in:

a) Curriculum
b) Lesson planning
c) lesson preparation
d) worksheet preparation

Most of this can be done remotely through email and files, etc....or face to face.

Let me know if anyone is up for the challenge!

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