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Help Name My Teddy Bear!

First, I'll introduce myself for those who don't know or have only ever seen me post this.

I'm Allison, 24-years old, graduated from the University of Central FL with a BS in Elem. Ed. and have been hired to teach first grade starting Aug. 2nd.

I received from my "mommy Broadway" (aka sbroadway's mom; I hope she does not mind this reference, as I'm only being cute and funny here) a HUGE teddy bear that is "supposed to wear a school shirt and take the place of an absent boy/girl" in my class. I also got a basket with picture frames, pins, and a teacher's journal -- how'd she know I'd need one of those???? ;-)

The teddy bear needs a name...something I'm told that should be difficult to pronounce. So...any suggestions?? (portions of this post will be/have been cross-posted).

Has anyone ever done anything like this? What other suggestions do you have for a first-year teacher in first grade?? I'll offer my ideas as well! These teaching communities on LJ are the BEST!
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